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Laway Event Staffing, Atlanta, GA is committed to giving our clients excellent, quality customer service and customer satisfaction. 

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You Dream it, We'll Staff It

We will hand pick your dream team for your event with our unique event staff that handles all the work for your event. 

 Laway Event Staffing, Atlanta, GA  is Committed to presenting unprecedented unique events for every client with our professional staff. Our Atlanta based event staff delivers every event with great professionalism and attitude. We service the Atlanta, Georgia area and all the surrounding area's.

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Professional, Reliable, event staff for all types of corporate, residential, or unique event

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Services we Offer:
Bachelor Parties

Bachelorette Parties 


Celebrity Events & Parties 


Corporate Events
Grand Openings 

Holidays Weddings 

Pool Parties 

Private House 

Parties Real Estate 

Events Red Carpet
Events & Parties Weddings And Much More!

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